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When making a decision on which Canadian province and city to settle and restart your career, it is important to gather basic information of possible locations. Aspects such as weather, population, economy and lifestyle should be considered.

Alberta is the fourth-largest province in Canada, covering an area of 661,000 square kilometers. Our landscapes vary from the Rocky Mountains to the lush boreal forest that covers almost half the province.

Alberta consists of vibrant cities such as Edmonton and Calgary as well as smaller cities such as Lethbridge, Red Deer, Grand Prairie, Medicine Hat and Brooks. Many people also live in small towns or villages that have agriculture based economy.

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Major Agencies Serving Immigrants in Southern Alberta

For a complete listing of all agencies, programs, services and other government funded resources for immigrants in Calgary & Southern Alberta please refer to the following directory: The Employment, Training and Career Services Directory

Directions for Immigrants in Trades and Professional Careers

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