Maryam and Reza Rabiei Dowlatabadi

Maryam and Reza


Maryam Rabiei was almost ready to give up.

When she and her husband, Reza Dowlatabadi, immigrated to Canada from Iran, it was hard for them to imagine they would ever be able work as licensed pharmacists in their new country.

“Starting from scratch looked difficult at first glance,” said Maryam. “It was a challenge, and I thought of giving up a few times.”

Instead, Maryam and Reza discovered Directions for Immigrants. While Reza was working as a senior researcher in the department of Biological Sciences of University of Calgary, he participated in study groups provided by the centre.

“Those study groups were very valuable and had a big impact in preparing me for my exams,” Reza remarked. “The experienced career coaches helped get candidates ready for exams by giving us hope and positive energy.”

Reza earned his license in June 2015, and has been working as a pharmacist at Rexall, in addition to continuing his role at the University of Calgary.

Maryam also took advantage of the Directions for Immigrants resources and became licensed last year.

“The quality of the study groups is great. The free resources are a huge relief for new immigrants experiencing financial challenges adapting to life in Canada,” Maryam said. “I participated in three study groups, which helped me pass my exams on the first attempt.”

Maryam is now a pharmacist at PharmaChoice and at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Maryam and Reza say they are very grateful to have found Directions for Immigrants and highly recommend their services to others seeking professional accreditation in Canada.

“I am glad I got to know this service and I am so grateful to all the facilitators, coaches and everyone involved to make this happen for their warm support, and sharing valuable experiences with us,” states Reza. Click here to learn more about the no cost study groups for internationally educated professionals.