Gain Insight into Interpersonal Skills

"When you have trained as a doctor abroad, merging into a new health system is challenging. It is just not the medical knowledge but the differences in culture, expectations and infrastructure."

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International Medical Graduate

Maher's story in three years: from cashier to pharmacy owner

"I recommend Directions for Immigrants to meet other pharmacists who are in the same boat. The career coaches and facilitators can also guide you in the process and help you save time."

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Maher Al Mouselly
Pharmacy owner

Insight on Canadian Workplace Culture

“The Clear Communication for Business study group provided key insights on the Canadian culture in the workplace and gave me the tools to interact with colleagues and executives."

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Felipe Guzman
Internationally Educated Business Administrator

Great Advice and Resources

"The study group sessions helped me pass the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE). The career coaches were very nice and helpful. I truly appreciate the time they spent with participants in discussing the materials covered by the NPPE”.

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Noreville Orbe
Internationally Educated Chemical Engineer

Receive Support from Career Coaches

"I received from my career coach different strategies, specific materials and help in preparing for the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE). The career coaches are very helpful and supportive. They helped me better understand the Canadian way of thinking and to be more confident writing the exam."

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Petricia Butu
Internationally Educated Nurse

The free resources are a huge relief for new immigrants

Starting from scratch looked difficult at first glance.

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Maryam and Reza Rabiei Dowlatabadi

Clarify Technical Concepts

“Facilitators of the study group were well informed and handled the meetings effectively. They were always willing to give detailed explanations when clarifying technical engineering concepts.”

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Peter Agbongiator
Internationally Educated Engineer

Improve Your Study Skills

“I passed the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE) thanks to the very valuable and useful resources in the Directions for Immigrants NPPE study group."

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Frank Bustamante
Internationally Educated Engineer

Access Study Materials for Licensing Exams

"Being a participant of the Pharmacy study groups helped me very much. The career coaches make a great effort in preparing different materials that give us the opportunity to practice and be better prepared for the actual tests."

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Afshin Talaie
Internationally Educated Pharmacist

Find your First Canadian job with the Advice of our Career Coaches

"Some of the services I received from Directions for Immigrants included: information about the job market and Canadian work culture, advice on how to effectively network, and reviewing of my resume so it was better tuned to job postings."

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Girish Udipi
Internationally Educated I.T. Professional


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