Certified General Accountant (CGA)



Who is the licensing body responsible for accrediting Certified General Accountants in Alberta?

To call yourself a Certified General Accountant, you must certified by the Certified General Accountants' Association of Alberta.

What are the requirements for Internationally Educated Accountants?

1. Have a recognized university (bachelor’s) degree.
2. Complete a CGA Transcript Evaluation; this may also require you to submit transcripts     
        to International Qualifications Assessment Service to have them assessed.   
3. An English translation must accompany documents which are not in English.
4. Complete 21 accounting and business courses.
5. Complete at least two years of Canadian work experience at the professional level.

Additional Occupational Information

For more information on Accountant occupations, duties and wages, visit the Alberta Learning Information Service at www.alis.alberta.ca and Immigrate to Alberta website. 

What training programs are available for Internationally Educated Accountants?

Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association  
Bridging the Gap for Foreign Trained Accountants

This program is designed to assist professional immigrant women with a background in accounting and finance transition into entry level positions. 

What resources are available for Accountants in Alberta?

Certified General Accountants Association of Alberta website: www.cga-alberta.org